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All rights reserved. Sign In Create Account. Forums Members Calendar Jocuri. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Posted 26 September - Hmm, nu stiam ca pentru masinile noi nu se percep taxe in lagarul Gaza. De la Hamastan citire. Si cand ma gandesc ce inversunat era Boc impotriva taxei pe care acuma vrea sa o mareasca iar. Si tot din Gaza, putin jurnalism forum Sex israeliani Posted 27 September - Un articol mai vechi din 14 Iulie din Corriere della Sera al unui jurnalist reflecta cumva starea de spirit din Gaza.

Aceasta parte forum Sex israeliani Gazei nu e prea vazuta in media, nu se prea vorbeste de ea, e vorba de cum Gaza sufera sub ocupatia Hamasului. O sa postez articolul mai jos in engleza, pentru ce-i care nu inteleg italiana. Quote He asks the foreign peace activists, who promise to return on the next flotillas, for a mixer for his band.

But his request conflicts with the laws of the ruling regime in Gaza, the same regime the peace activists are helping to fight the Israeli embargo. We don't like forum Sex israeliani green Allah. Jamal Abu Al Qumsan, 43, runs an art gallery in the "despair strip", as he calls it. The latest examples are attacks on youth organizations on the 23rd and forum Sex israeliani of June, when masked Hamas activists torched students' summer camps set up by the UN forum Sex israeliani the beach.

At the end of May, on the exact same day Israeli commandos raided the Marmara's deck, the Hamas police stopped the activities of five local NGOs. This is another chapter in the cultural war that's been going on here for some time. Religious extremists are trying to prevent forum Sex israeliani and women from going to the beach or smoking in public, they forbid unmarried couples from hanging out together in private and they view Western music and fashion as a danger to the "public's morals.

Please contact the forum Sex israeliani. But the police's answer is "no comment". Hamas is just trying to govern the strip. Punishment doesn't only mean imprisonment or torture, but also ostracism, job loss and social isolation. Bseiso depicts Hamas' latest attack on him with anger: "I was riding my motorcycle when suddenly a group of armed men from the Izz Al-Din Al-Qassam Brigades clung to me, threw me to the ground and beat me with clubs.

A few days earlier they broke into our studio and confiscated cameras and video cassettes. I'm working on an anti-Hamas song now. Now we are told that we are agents forum Sex israeliani the American Satan, that we are corrupting the youth.

The result is that whoever can, leaves. Members of other bands got offers to perform abroad and never returned. Until two weeks ago he couldn't even sit or lie on his back due to beatings he received off and on for a week, a strange and very common punishment in the strip. They are summoned to police centers in prisons. There forum Sex israeliani not forum Sex israeliani choice.

But forum Sex israeliani the there is the Mashtal, the five provincial prisons, and Ansar, where are the heads of security services. Here begins the interrogation. The most common punishment is to stay against a wall in the full sun all afternoon and forced to exercise for no reason Only an occasional glass of water is allowed.

And you must be punctual in the morning in front of the door, "says Jamal. He still went wrong. So they used belts and sticks. In the seafront former villa of the President of the Palestinian Authority in Forum Sex israeliani, Abu Mazen, prisoners would remain in isolation for months.

You could say that the cellars are used as rooms for the torture for "enemies of Islam. Some mechanisms are learned directly from Israeli jails. The psychological pressure is often more effective than physical. In the prisons of Fatah in the West Bank, where the hunt for militants of Hamas remains open, the techniques are very similar.

The assault squads from a select group of the Ezzedin Al Forum Sex israeliani Brigades were directly trained by them. The aim is to impose a kind of complete and total forum Sex israeliani and cultural conformity.

Anyone who does not follow the rules is at risk. And there are few heroes. Often enough some veiled threats get the desired effect, says a well-known local forum Sex israeliani, speaking under the promise of absolute anonymity. Asma Al Ghuol, a journalist committed to the defense of intellectual freedom, had his computer recently seized and personal threats for his public denunciation against the censorship of musicians and writers. A colleague who works with the al-Arabiya TV station was arrested a few days ago because agents saw he travelled by car in the company of a boy who was not a member of his family.

Abu Omar a fictitious namesenior militant Liberation Front of Palestine, expressed his dissent in private: he produces wine hidden in Jabalia refugee camp and sells forum Sex israeliani per year. The situation closely resembles that imposed against Saddam Hussein's Iraq in the nineties until the war.

The economic blockade and isolation generated enormous difficulties on the international regime, but it strengthened the internal government and indirectly provided legitimacy for even more serious abuses against their people. Atef Abou Saief, brilliant professor of political science at the local university Al Azhar, says forum Sex israeliani controls Gaza much better than a couple of years ago, even though its popularity is declining.

But we can not verify this. Free elections, as inare now impossible. At best, if you go back to the polls, we'll see a deal under the table for the forum Sex israeliani of votes with Fatah. The theocracy of Hamas marked the end of the democratic dream. The West is right to point the finger at governments that are not forum Sex israeliani. You can not accept democracy with only results that you like and reject undesirable ones.

But now you do not notice that the popularity of Hamas in Gaza is in freefall. It's a curious situation and reflects the ancient Forum Sex israeliani willingness to stand against those who always wins.

If you go to the polls today forum Sex israeliani the West Bank you could obtain a majority Hamas, but Fatah could win in Gaza. He knew that a free vote with the Islamic government would never have been carried out for the very obvious fact that the doctrine of the Muslim Brotherhood does not give any value to democracy.

Saief repeats the theory that is the most popular from Gaza in Cairo: Hamas has no interest in jeopardizing the status quo, it is not looking for a real agreement with Abu Mazen, it will not work with or even have contacts with Israel.

The forum Sex israeliani has a more pan-Islamic and less nationalist agenda. Do not look for compromise, because [Hamas] sees Gaza as the revival of global holy war. That is at the expense of independent intellectuals and any entity in areas under its control," he adds.

It can not be denied that the persecuted are generally PLO militants, or otherwise bound to the old face of secular Palestinian Left. Aruki stresses: 'For Hamas the this is a great debacle. Young people no longer want to fight. The Israeli blockade is terrible, it prevents any movement, we are in a great open-air prison. But the spirit of the two intifadas is dead. Once there were students who refused the few scholarships to go abroad so they could fight the Zionist occupation collectively.

Today everyone wants to emigrate and they forum Sex israeliani not only blocked by Israel. Egypt is severely limiting people forum Sex israeliani through the Rafah forum Sex israeliani.

And Hamas grants permission to leave only to its activists. The others are just subjects to convert to their reading of Islam. Afirmatia corecta suna asa: Gaza este un lagar forum Sex israeliani gaozari!

UnixMarius, on 27th September, said: Un articol mai vechi din 14 Iulie din Corriere della Sera al unui jurnalist reflecta cumva starea de spirit din Gaza.

Posted 06 October - The spokesperson for the military wing of Forum Sex israeliani, Abu Obeida, warned that his organization will take drastic measures if the PA continues its policy of arresting Hamas officials. Hamas and Fatah have recently taken steps toward reconciliation, when Fatah official Azzam al-Ahmed met with Hamas leader Khaled Meshal in Syria two weeks ago. The meeting concluded with an agreement and a promise to continue talks. Cat sa mai asteptam sa se puna de acord ca sa-si faca un stat.

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