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Confession: I Farted In Class And My Friend Got Detention!

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Another Wednesday poll!! Voting stays open til Tuesday of next week, the results will be posted the following day, and a new I farted durante il sesso with be put out not to long after. This is going to be a fun one for me. You can vote for up to 5 themes. If you vote for more than 5, your votes will be removed. Which ones keep you guys coming back for more and more. Your mom had I farted durante il sesso home foreclosed on. On the way to your place she asks about your roommate.

When I farted durante il sesso get home and your roommate starts hitting on your mom, you realize that that was a bad idea. You sleep that night on the couch.

A funny thought. And strangely, an arousing one. A week into this living situation you and your mom are eating at I farted durante il sesso restaurant on your lunch break.

Your mom starts asking questions about your roommate. You get concerned. And a little aroused. Lies like he volunteers for an animal shelter, and he helps you with your college course work. But after a minute or so, and a few drinks in, you become honest with yourself that you want her to be interested in him.

You have an idea. You buy your mom alcoholic drink after drink. You tell her to not worry about the cost. After the meal you drive her back to your place. She wobbles out of the car and says goodbye. At least you think it was goodbye. She was slurring profusely. She heads for you door. The results from last weeks Wednesday poll are in. There were votes in total.

Tied for 9th place is good pelvic thrusting. He has to know what he wants, and expect it to fall in his laps, otherwise what fun would his eventually success be? These traits are the spices that bring out the flavor I farted durante il sesso the beefcake. Appropriately tied with the holy trinity of bigotry, cruelty is another trait that sprinkles cosmic justice all over this most delicious doughnut.

Especially when your stable has nothing but tumble weed for you to sink your cock into. You want him to be a pushover? Or unattractive? You want Hercules in your mom.

He can lift and lower her like the dumbells he throws around at the gym with his buddies. Ahh, the trait that separates the alpha males from the beta bitches.

Plus, it just feels so I farted durante il sesso to see somebody who God blessed being blessed twice. So there it is. The top ten lists that sons like us look I farted durante il sesso in men we want to fuck our moms. If you are a man with all ten of these qualities, give yourself a pat on the back.

You invited him into your home. You gave him a place to stay when he fell on hard times. She said she had a bad feeling about him.

She said it was her motherly instincts setting her off. When you have two sons you learn to be able to read young men and their intentions. You thought he was. Best let that play out naturally. So you leave the house a lot, leaving him home alone with your mom. But you would not be lectured to and told that letting him fuck your mom was immoral. The idea for the poll came from this post:. There are 31 choices in the poll, plus the option to choose other.

Just click on the blue graphic up I farted durante il sesso to start voting. So thanks for voting guys. The nex t poll should be posted an hour from this post. Made my cock throb so hard. Thanks man!! And yeah, reading it more recently, I realized that it should have probably been in my top 20, even top 15, favorites.

On a few stories we get to see the moms ass speak to the son. Is I farted durante il sesso her real form that hides inside the mother is how the son sees her. It will definitely come up again in future stories, and each of those stories will give a little bit more information I farted durante il sesso the subject. What was a lot like you was bringing your mom along. She was really the only friend you had, although this time you had an even more pathetic reason to invite her than usual.

You and her are walking down a narrow and dingy street. Your mom I farted durante il sesso on edge a little bit too. Not necessarily for the same reasons though. Her ass was especially appetizing to them in her dress. A few of the guys you passed had I farted durante il sesso smile on their face like they knew why you were there on that road. You found that embarrassing under daylight but when nobody was looking you really did enjoy being coddled by your mommy.

He was the only person you talked to about wanting to see your mommy get fucked by your bully as well as your mutual boss. He had the same desire. It finally happened for him in this country when he visited it a few months back.

Was it going to happen for you? You certainly hope it will. You finally see it. Your stomach drops. You enter it, and you see his face from across the room. The realness of the moment was only now starting to set in fully.

It also became obvious in that moment that there was no turning back. Panic started to set it, even as your cock got rock hard. Your were still a few minutes early. What a set up he had going. He realized when this town became a tourist attraction pretty quickly that it was common for white guys to seriously want their wives and girlfriends to get fucked by a black man, so he set these parties up for tourists and their unsuspecting wives every second Thursday.

Your heart I farted durante il sesso beating out of your chest. Every so often you would look at your mom, then the door and think about grabbing her and making a jet for it. You then look at your mom and see what he sees.

The dress looks so good on her ass. Was this really going to happen? To your mom like you always wanted? Your cock was going crazy, but it almost shot off when one of his henchman began handing out the drinks just like your coworker said he would. You thought about saying something but before you could she lifted the cup to her mouth and began drinking. This is it. You watch as your mom and the other girls get more bubbly, and vivacious and open I farted durante il sesso suggestion. You stand with the husbands and the occasional son as they watch slack jawed at what they just let happen to their loved one.

Some of I farted durante il sesso are crying. Almost all of them were hard. The night was young, as it went on you watched as the clothes came off the girls, the drug dealer, and his cronies. Then you all watched as the girls got fucked.